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Homemaking Care in Orlando, Florida

Home is where the heart is. No one understands this better than Dna Serenity Care. Seniors, people with disabilities, and the chronically ill can’t always enjoy the liberty of living in their own homes without some assistance.

A homemaker care service can mean the difference between living at home or moving to a care facility. For elderly people, in particular, this is a wonderful thing. There can be no denying that your beloved mom or dad would prefer the joy and tranquility of residing in the home they love.

Dna Serenity Care Homemaking Care Services

For many seniors, disabled people, and those with chronic illness, seemingly easy tasks can be difficult or impossible. Bending and lifting, remembering to switch off the stove, and running errands can be enormously challenging when physical strength or memory is diminished.

Our trained caregivers receive specialized training to recognize these difficulties and how to help our clients overcome them.

They will provide all the assistance needed for your loved one to lead a meaningful and safe life in the comfort of their own home.

How Does a Homemaker Service Work?

Maintaining an orderly home is something most of us do without giving it a second thought. When mobility and memory disorders prevent us from carrying out basic tasks, cleaning, preparing meals, and running errands can be daunting.

A homemaking service takes care of all the arduous tasks required for making the home safe, hygienic, and comfortable for your loved one. This usually includes:

  • Light housekeeping, like dusting vacuuming, and basic cleaning
  • Preparing meals and doing dishes
  • Shopping and running errands
  • Laundry and changing linens
Homemaking Care services in Orlando, Florida

At Dna Serenity Care, we aim to go above and beyond what is normally expected from a home care service. We will assess your individual needs to determine how we can make your life easier and help you live more comfortably.

Homemaker Care in Orlando, Florida

Dna Serenity Care provides a wide variety of home care services in Orlando, Florida. This allows us to customize the services you receive to meet your unique needs.

To discover how we can bring joy to your life, contact us, and speak to one of our friendly, professional consultants.

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